Monday, March 15, 2010

Did I thank you today?

I did not.
And yet, I owe you every pleasure I get from writing this blog, which is pretty considerable. Without Ms. Moon, I wouldn't even have considered it. Without the generous, encouraging comments of my friends Lorie and Lauren, and Miss Inga, and Katie and many others, I wouldn't have stayed with it. Without the unexpected blessings that fall from the sky in the form of comments from readers I've never even met, I'd have doubted myself as a writer far too much to work in the environment. Rodney's hat, complete with Boxer ears; a genuine request to hear the MadriGals simple music; help with the composition of the blog itself...I owe this to you. I owe you the fullness of my heart when I've written something I rather like, especially when you like it, too.

So thank you. I'm off to write about something profound that I'm pretty sure will blow into my head in the next 10 minutes or so. Or perhaps I'll tell that sweet potato recipe that serves as one of the Eat Here cornerstones. Whatever it is, thank you for reading, for talking back, for sharing your joys and hearts and aches and pains and love.
Love, love, love.


  1. Wow, thank YOU, Angie ~ if your writing wasn't so finely crafted, people would not be reading and commenting! I look forward to your blog every day and always love the photos as well.

    The topic of Alzheimer's is quite thought-provoking ~ I have a story about my beloved aunt which I will tell you someday.

    Keep on writing! Love, Lulu

  2. Dear Lulu,
    How would I EVER have persevered here without your generous encouragement? Thank you again.
    I would love to know the story of your dear aunt. As painful as the topic is for us personally, I heard a report last night on NPR that touched on the stress level of people caring for a family member with dementia (Alzheimer's being a subset of that larger category) and is is significantly higher than the stress of caring for a loved one affected by other devastating illnesses, including cancer. So while it's something I'm not sure I want to talk about, it's certainly something we all should be talking about.
    Love, love,


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