Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapeau, a la mer

It is an image that does no justice to the beauty of the thing, but here I am in the breathtaking creation of Mon Amie Ribbonerie where they didn't make the hat but they made the hat into a work of art. Each of the tiny flowers is made from exquisite vintage ribbon, in the tradition of handmade creation of perfect decorative details, such as might have been made at the turn of the last century in an exclusive Parisian millinerie shop. I am so delighted to own such a piece of stunning wearable art that I won't be able to bear using it as a beach hat. Just for one day I was willing to risk it. I left the tag on, because even it is a carefully created thing of beauty. (If you're old enough and you dare, go ahead and call me Minnie Pearl. I can take it.) If you're smart enough to treat yourself now and then to a touch of true elegance, go shopping at Mon Amie Ribbonerie. While you do that, I'll try and get a GOOD photo of my lovely hat and put it here for you to see.


  1. The hat does look darling on you. I'm not sure what the "Minnie Pearl" reference means, but I can understand keeping the price tag on for something extremely precious and when it speaks even more of the creative nature.

  2. Well (as usual), you've gone right to the heart of what's important. That's exactly why I kept the tag on. Minnie Pearl was a fixture of the Grand Ole Opry for many years, and was famous for wearing hats with the tags still on. I don't know much about her, either, to be honest, but that's an old joke.

  3. Lis is so amazing. What a great hat!

  4. Ms. Moon, I SO wish you could see a decent photo, and do promise to put Rodney on the job right away. He had one of those Real Cameras, one that might have a prayer of capturing the tiny, beautiful flowers, crafted of vintage ribbon with a skill I can only admire from afar.
    Love you!


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