Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, birthday: simple graces

Here is my person, my dear old love. We have been married since 1988 and together since 1985, which adds up, astonishingly, to 25 years. Imagine that. Long relationships can be their own reward; such is this one. It's not always easy; it's not always perfect, but it is always its own blessing.

We have two very tall sons, of whom we are very proud, and a long history of dog children, often including fostered Boxers. This a kind of charitable work I couldn't do without Rodney's support and more: he is often the most important factor in changing a dog's life. Some dogs don't take much notice. Others are changed forever, and given the best days of their lives in the too-brief time they spend with us. Here's how Meg feels about it.

Some days are fine enough for a walk and a swing, some are by necessity quiet and subdued, passed in reading, old movies, resting. Each, we remind ourselves, is a gift; each is unique to itself, and creates a memory for us.

We spend days together walking on the beach, worrying about our kids, playing with our dogs, indulging our shared sporting obsessions, laughing with each other, finishing sentences and anticipating phrases for one another, figuring out how to get through things together. Some days the chronic pain of neuropathy makes this harder than others, but we manage to laugh and to cling to each other for strength and courage, each believing that the other is the brave one, the other is the strong one. Some days are bright, some are overcast but this is true in every long relationship and ours is typical in this way.

On this particular Father's Day, we will bake a cake and cook a special dinner for our Dylan, who celebrates his 19th birthday today. Mac will call, Katie will come to celebrate with us. And I'll post some pictures. Because the simple graces are the sweetest in life, and should be shared.
Dylan: Happy Birthday, sweet boy. We love you so.

Rodney: Happy Father's Day, dear old love. I love you now and always, and am grateful every day to have found you, and to share my life with you, still laughing, and still crazy, after all these years.


  1. Happy Birth Day, Mama Angie.
    And Happy Father's Day to your dear love. Have a good one!

  2. That's some mighty fine writing, Angie, and I love you and Rodney together. Wish your two guys a very happy birthday and Father's Day for me and here's a big hug for you!

  3. Ms. Moon, thank you so kindly. I hope you and your dear love have had a perfect day as well.
    Dear Lulumarie, thank you, too. It was the simplest kind of writing, like that poured out into a notebook without virtue of editing, even that internal editing most writers do by reflex. Much love to you and your wonderful person, too. Pictures coming; stay tuned. Love, love.

  4. What a love letter.

    happy birth day

  5. Miss Inga, we love you guys, too, and THANK you.
    Michelle, dear, I am thinking of you and your family and especially of Ty and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.
    Love, love.


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