Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I'm (Virtually) Doing on My (Virtual) Summer Vacation

You may not even have noticed the quiet sounds of distant crickets chirping, coming from Eat Here over the past week or so. Just in case you did, I thought I'd let you know the quiet will continue for a couple of weeks, while I indulge my guilty pleasure and watch the Tour de France obsessively on TV through the month of July. A couple of years ago I discovered that I could immerse myself in villages, chateaux, cathedrals: the beauty of Europe in the form of a high def travelogue and best of all, it included a race compelling enough to be entertaining to Rodney. This was Before the Blog, of course.

Sadly, as I have to work and sleep and stuff while watching 3 hours of The Tour every evening, there's not much time for the blog. Happily, it's mindless and relaxing and makes for an excellent virtual vacation. And the ideas for writing continue to flow in and I continue to keep notes of things I want to tell you. I'll be back with lots of new photos and notes on the beach (I saw a turtle nest labeled "N 71" this week, which means at least 71 turtle nests in Guana State Park so far) and every other thing we talk about here. Keep well, keep writing, and keep in touch.


  1. Been thinking about you. Good to hear your voice.

    Have fun on the Tour

    Bon voyage. That's all the French I know. So sad


  2. Michelle, I responded to your email, but I was actually talking to Michelle H. D'oh! I'll fix that, and lay off the champagne for the rest of the Tour, too! :) In fairness, I was probably distracted by my new TV boyfriend, Fabian Cancellara, who's having a fine race. (I know. Rodney just rolls his eyes patiently.)
    Lots of love, and Vive la France!

  3. Enjoy your virtual vacation. I'll always be around to enjoy the coming meals at Eat Here Eatery.

  4. I've been rather lazy myself, lately, so I forgive you :-)

  5. Isn't the tour over yet??? It seems like it's going on forever ~ I miss you!

  6. Suldog, I believe it's the fault of Summer Time, and not us, so I also forgive your laziness. :)
    Lulu, dear, the Tour will be ending Sunday, and I am getting ready to post some of the stunning photos I've taken, as well as a nice one of my TV boyfriend, Fabian Cancellara. Luckily for me, my real life husband is kind and tends to overlook my flights from sanity, so all is well. Coming back soon! Love, love!


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