Saturday, August 7, 2010

Of biblical proportions

The rain came this afternoon with comfortingly distant rumbles of thunder and a fresh, steady pouring that made it easy to drift off into a nap over my book, a Chinoa Achebe novel borrowed from Dylan. Drifting, I thought of the resurrection ferns coming back to green from their dry brown dustiness, and then was lost to thought. The rain continued.

I worked on a blog post; Rodney watched a race on television. It was preceded by a prayer, offered by a Christian minister with a fervor that astonished us both. We looked at each other and recalled moments from childhood. And those thoughts bring me to Pablo Notes. Pablo's been on a theme of childhood and other recollections associated with a collection of Bibles he's amassed. There's no religious screed here, no uncomfortable opinionating, no ranting of any kind: there is only the usual excellent writing Pablo offers, his view of youth in the Bible belt wry and as refreshing to me as a summer afternoon gin and tonic. With lime. It's writing for Writers and Readers. And the rain continues.



  1. I'll have to click on over to see what he's about. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I wish we had some rain here. Might cool things down a bit.


  3. Having been born a Southern Baptist (still recovering!), I loved Pablo's entries about his bibles. They took me right back to my childhood and it was actually quite a moving experience.

    His latest series about spiders is amazing, with incredible photos.

    Haven't our recent rains been glorious?!?!?!!!


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