Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pre-season greetings from the MadriGalz

Have I mentioned The MadriGalz to you at all? Stop me if you've heard this. Oh. You have? Of course you've heard it. And for what's not likely to be the last time this holiday season I beg your indulgence once again so I can share our December performance schedule.

We're excited to begin the holiday season in downtown St. Augustine at At Journey's End Bed & Breakfast for the 17th Annual Holiday Bed & Breakfast Tour. (I'm including more links than usual so you can see more about the places and events for yourself.) We'll be caroling for visitors to At Journey's End from 2-5 pm on Saturday, Dec. 11.

That same evening we're honored to sing in for the second year in the comfortable dining rooms of a true local favorite, Saltwater Cowboy's, where we'll be caroling from room to room from about 5:30 until about 9:30. If you can't join us on December 12, we'll also be at Cowboy's on December 17 for the dinner hour.

Last but especially dear to our hearts, we'll be caroling twice this year at Creekside Dinery, on Sunday, December 12 and finally on Sunday, December 19, from about 5 pm until 9. If you've been to Creekside, you'll know about the delightful fire pit out on the deck overlooking the water, complete with marshmallows for toasting. And if it's too chilly for outside dining, we'll sing from room to room and bring a touch of The Season of Light right to your table. And if you haven't been to Creekside...well, come see for yourself.

If you're not separated by too many miles or other social obligations we would love to welcome you. If you are, we hope you'll be able to support live music this season in your own locale, where you probably have a talented local group performing The Messiah or The Nutcracker. Maybe it will be a group of kids singing The Dreidel Song, or perhaps something completely different but just as wonderful. From the hearts of the MadriGalz to the hearts of you, may the music and traditions of the season bring you peace.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just can't wait!!!

  2. Me, too! Me, too!
    So sad about no Alcazar this year, but the good news is more chances than usual to visit with everyone for the dinner hour!

  3. I can't wait! MadriGalz time, my favorite time of year.
    Please ask Rodney if he and I will be having our annual date at Creekside :-)

  4. It will be dreidel, gambling with nuts and latkes for us. Good times!

  5. Miss Jo, I don't believe Rodney would miss his date with you for the world!
    Anonymous: your post reminds me that I need to write the story about Dylan's best elementary school friend whose mother was undergoing a kidney transplant at the beginning of Hannukah. For all the seriousness of the situation, it resulted in the conjuring of latkes which were much more like Southern-friend potato pancakes than latkes, really, but after all, if it's fried in oil, it DOES commemorate the significance, right? Thank you for dropping by...good times, indeed!


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