Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dogs, resting comfortably

Some of you may know that our dear old Calvin died in December. He disappeared one night, and we thought he'd just taken his beer money and gone walkabout. We searched and hunted, got the neighbors involved, all to no avail. A few days went by, and on a morning when holiday vistors were expected, we found Calvin. He'd apparently dropped dead of a heart attack or something, falling into a stand of lilies hidden in the oak trees. He had never put a foot out of his own yard. Devastated, we buried him and tried to avoid talking about it as we marked the year-end holidays.

In an almost uncanny turn of events, we were able to re-home a dog we'd previously fostered, and already loved, Bandit. Here he is, doing what Boxers do best, which might be summed up as "Sitting Where People Might Like to Sit, If Only the Sofa Belonged to Them". From left to right, here are Ty for Short, Meg, and Bandit, who is also known as Burgermeister Meisterburger. Happy news for us, who are so dependent on dogs for mental health and well-being; happy news for Bandit, who's finding himself at home in a pretty comfortable pack.

Here, too, is a sunset photo I took in December, looking back to the west from the west side of the Tolomato River. In this image I'm thinking of my dear friend Annie, who is dealing with new challenges as I write this. It was Annie who shared the ultimate parenting advice with me, which becomes more true each day my boys grow older: It's all about letting go. It's great advice, Annie, and I'm working on it. But for now, with you, can it all be about hanging on? I'm sending you love, love, love.


  1. Hi Angie, so sorry to hear about Calvin. We love our pets just as much as family. They are part of our everyday and bring us so much happiness, but it is heartbreaking to lose them. They are perfect and love us as if we are too. Much love to you! Amie

  2. Great photo of a happy clan. Welcome home, Bandit.

    Ah, Annie, our beautiful Annie. Although I'm not a parent, she is definitely the ultimate one who teaches us all so much about the meaning of parenting, life, and love...such an amazing being!

  3. Miss Amie, thank you so much. This is true, true. Mister Calvin will be missed forever, because the other thing that's so true about our pets is that one doesn't replace another; they're each unique.
    Miss Lulu, I take slight issue: I believe that to Mac and especially to Dylan, you stand in loco parentis, as it were, and have a fair claim to godparenthood. And our dear Annie is truly such an amazing being...I always think of her when I think of the character Galadriel in Tolkien. Hmm. Maybe I should write about that. Love to you both!

  4. By the looks of it, Bandit is already feeling at home and has made friends with Ty and Meg. They look so cute lying there.

  5. Gainesville maids, they do look kinda cute, don't they? Most of my family, sitting in assorted positions on the floor, agree. And I do think Bandit has settled in nicely. Thank you for dropping in!


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