Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring, jump-started at Gatorbone

The photos are not all downloaded, the dirty laundry is not all unpacked. But the songs still ring in my ears, the scent of wisteria and bloom of dogwood are still fresh enough to breathe in and the blessed circle of friendship and love and sisters is far too humbling for me not to say a word. I have jumble of thoughts to share in the next few days as I sort over them and store them carefully in memory, and I bet I'm not the only one. I'll taste the last angel biscuit and show you where we've been and later this week we can talk about the magic of the moon, the joy of people and food and music combined on ancient sacred ground, and the almost indescribable benediction of shared memories and affection that have been woven into these past decades. Until then, love and deepest thanks to Lon and Lis and everyone else who made this spring ritual more magical than ever before.


  1. Sister Angie

    You have no idea what it means to me that I was in your thoughts this weekend. It makes my heart swell and gives me strength


    Can't wait to hear more...

  2. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Spring than with good friends, good food, good music and good scenery. Welcome back, and I look forward to more details about the magic!

  3. It was SOMETHING!
    Wasn't it?
    Lord, we needed that.
    Love you, dear.

  4. What a great little tease and promise of more details to come of our magical weekend. You managed to include a hint of everything.

    "Ancient sacred ground" ~ Amen!

  5. Oh, Sister Michelle, you were all but physically present to us and we missed you SO.
    Mel, I am honored for you to drop by, and will be sharing postcards I hope you'll enjoy.
    Ms. MOON!! It WAS something, and oh, Lord, how we needed that. Y'all, there is no healing to compete with Angel Biscuits from the hand of Ms. Moon on a Sunday morning.
    Lulu: I think the "Ancient sacred ground" part might be the most important of all. I hope the next few posts give people a glimmer of insight into the pure holiness of being there, in that place, with music and food and friends and sisters and still, even yet, something more sacred. Perhaps it is gestalt, you know: something more than the sum of all our parts?
    I love you ALL.


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