Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An afterthought, but could North American Right Whales ever be an afterthought...?

It's pretty much past my bedtime, but it seemed really important to provide you with a view of what they look like, from the planes that are sent up to spot and identify them.

If you don't read Eat Here regularly, you may not be aware that between December and March, we are privileged in North Florida to be visited by North Atlantic Right Whales as they move into warm waters to calve. There are approximately 400 of these amazing animals left on the planet. If you see one, you call it in, and a plane is actually sent out to locate the animal(s) you've seen, and believe it or not, you get a call in the evening, telling you they've found your whale. If they have the information they also tell you the name of the animal and how often she's been seen, and whether or not she is traveling with a calf. Imagine (as I've said before): there are 400 of them alive on the planet (and that number seems to be creeping upward!), so Rodney and Louise, who've seen them swimming southward, are among the fortunate and rare humans to have witnessed the continuation of this astonishing species.

Tune in tomorrow. I promise to include a recipe, and I'm thinking of a perfectly appalling one beloved of my sons, for baked chicken. You'll love it. I'll see you then.

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