Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warm your fingers and toes and wait for the thaw

While friends and colleagues and facebook pals are posting photos of snow, snow and more snow (and some of them have even built whole new families of snow people), here in north Florida we're usually more or less getting ready for spring this time of year. Why, those all-important, eagerly awaited four lovely little words are mere days away: Pitchers and catchers report.

But though we have no snow, we do have cold weather and last night about 8 hours of freezing temperatures. Perhaps a little glimpse of the fireplace will warm your heart; I do hope so. From the window I can see the long, graceful fingers of the queen palms, wrapping around each other as if for warmth, watching for spring, looking hopefully at the azaleas and hoping for the best. Thanks to those of you who visited here recently; thanks for all your breathtaking words and pictures and insights. And comments. Those are more intoxicating than I'd have thought, before I started this blog-journey. Thank you. Stay warm.


  1. What a cozy and inviting fire ~ wish I was sitting in front of it right now sharing a cup of coffee and conversation with you on this grey, raining, chilly morning!

  2. Your welcome to come visit anytime to get a first hand dose of our Winter Wonderland.

  3. Ms. Moon, I heard the exact same thing today: tiny needles, dropping from the sky, except I seem to hear all things about a day after you do.

    Lorie, I wish you were here by the fire, too!!

    Kristie, I think Dames is quite stunned by your snow creation.
    Love you all.


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