Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Special Olympians needed - update

Dear ones, please take a look at this blog post and consider whether you might be able to help.

It comes to this: a woman who has adopted two children with Downs Syndrome has identified some needs of other people with Down's and we may be able to help her. If you read the post and find you're able to chip in, you'll see that Michelle (who has her own job and kids and crazy life, just as we all do) has made it easy to donate. This mom doesn't have a non-profit org set up yet, but if I didn't believe Michelle's attestation, I wouldn't pass it along.

And an update: the 501c3 application is in process. I'll keep you posted.

Love, love.


  1. Thank you so much, Angie. I think she's in the process of getting a 503c (is that what the not-for-profit status is called?)

    I hope my donate button is working. Double checking now.

    much much much love,

  2. You are so thoughtful for posting about her. We Michelles have to stick together. Have a wonderful day!

  3. My dear Michelles,
    Yes, the 501c3 is (I think) the not-for-profit status, which will enhance the credibility of her cause and make people feel comfortable about donating. I made a donation last night, Michelle P., so just check to be sure it's adding up.
    Michelle H.: I thought this would just be a place to exercise my writer muscles, but I'm amazed to find a community mushrooming around us and am grateful beyond the limits of my command of language.
    Love, love.


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