Thursday, January 21, 2010

A note from the Ed.

Seated on the far right is Eat Here's Editorial ConsulTick. This disclaimer informs you that Certain Blog Posts have NOT been reviewed by him (including tonight's "International woman of mystery"), and those posts are doomed to be riddled with typographical mistakes and occasional blatant errors. I've given consideration to the idea of Grounding for Life in order to have his editorial skills always on tap, but as this edict is likely to be ignored I've abandoned it. So sometimes, dear reader, you will have the benefit of a well-proofread blog. Other times you may be sure you'll see "littel" instead of "little" and arcane usages lifted from early Victorian literature, among other unpredictable errors. The Eat Here management apologizes. The Editorial ConsulTick almost certainly does not.

Photo credits (left to right): Hannah the Beautiful; Luke, well known actor, singer and all-around pretty good guy; Eat Here Editorial Consultick

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