Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to Eat Here Eatery

Eat Here is the name of a mythical restaurant, one that exists in the mind of my family, where real, honest, homemade food is served to real hungry people. Real food is a fine thing, more easily prepared than some people think, and eagerly sought after in today's world. There's more to the myth, of course, but that's a topic for another blog post. At its best, good food is served fresh, seasoned by good conversation, complemented by good wine and warmed at a big table surrounded by interesting people. With a little luck, that's what I'll serve up here, more or less, so for now the Eat Here moniker belongs to the virtual space, where we don't really eat but we feed ourselves, nonetheless.

Eat Here, inspired by beloved bloggers like Pablo ( and Ms. Moon (, aims to serve an eclectic menu, including thoughts about family, friends, the beach, dogs, fossils, music (need I say more than "Deep"? Well, maybe the MadriGalz...), writing and the beautiful Golden Hour that descends, most evenings, through live oaks and Spanish moss, spilling indescribably beautiful light into my back yard. We can go to the Lake Country, where music is made and lifetimes of friendship are shared.

Often I'll try to show you the sea through the stunning, tiny, fragile view at Guana/Tolomato Marine Estuarine Reserve.
Sooner or later there will be a remembrance of Julia Child including recollections of our late friend Claude Sinatsch, questions about political mysteries (why on EARTH should gay people not be able to get married?), and warm affectionate gossip about What People Are Up To.
Come along for the ride; I'll be so honored if you do. There's much to tell, much to figure out, much to talk about. And it's always nice to sit by the fire with a glass of wine with a friend, as the fire dies down and the restaurant closes up for the night. Here's to many more.


  1. Well ain't you something! Just jumping off the verbal cliff like that. Finally. I am always up for some good cooking, so serve it up, Miss Angie. (This is Lauren, not Paul, because I can't see how to change my profile.)

  2. Congratulations on a simply lovely blogling! I look forward to visiting this fine establishment time and again. Here's to the golden hour! Love, Lis xo

  3. Hey, hey! Welcome to our world, Ms. Angie! So glad you're writing. You obviously have a deep talent for it.
    I'll be reading.
    Enjoy and so will we!

  4. My dears,
    I can think of no higher praise than that which is implicit in acknowledgment from the three of you. Your kindness and inspiration are with me in every word. I love you all, so much.


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