Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surf report, more or less brought to you by Troika Studio

Lots of people make a living; lots of people do what they love, but everyone knows these aren't always the same people. The people at Troika Studio mostly manage this juggling act. Sometimes they just have to shut down at lunchtime because the waves are good. They work hard. But sometimes the waves are good. The waves are good, but sometimes they have to do their work. These photos were taken with both ends of the continuum in mind, and because it's light work being a Wendy to The Studio. So the photo at the top is a tale of Why We Go to the Beach. If this is your first introduction to Troika Studio, you should know it's a talented agency in St. Augustine, focused on integrated marketing. And though they do a great deal of local business, their connections and personal interests in surfing and skating have brought quite a surprising range of international clients to the door. But, sometimes, the waves are good.

This weekend was hit-or-miss at the beach, but after Friday there was a strong west wind taking the very tops off the waves, but making them taller. All the intrepid surfers we saw were in wet suits, for despite the warm sun the water temperature has dropped below what subtropical surfers are probably most used to.

I walked suddenly upon a jellyfish of considerable size. This isn't unusual, of course, but if they're washing up on the beach it's usuaully in numbers. The lone big one, like this, is one fairly good reason for staying out of the water, though hardly a Troika Studio-worthy reason.

As the weather changed, cold coming in with wind and eventually a line of thunderstorms, there was another reason to leave the beach. It was a bitter departure, I admit, for the tide had fallen very low so the sharks' teeth and other bits of fossils easy to find. We had noted the dramatic change in the high tide line, gone from sharp drops to a smooth gradient in less than 48 hours. Winter is the season many fossil hunters prefer; it's also a nice time to be at the beach, because there are very few people braving the chill. So here's a surf report, Troika surfers. Be safe out there.

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that not one single person associated with Troika Studio reviewed this before I posted it and I'm not on their payroll. I just like their business model and love their principals.


  1. We're paddlin' out now, Ang! Thanks for the love. See ya at the beach!

  2. We've been spending so much time at the beach, and I always think of you guys, read the surf report ("Call in dead" is my favorite) and send the love vibe your way. Hope all is well!

  3. Angie - your blog has taken integrated marketing to a new level, as it recognizes and connects the magic among us, then passes it along. Good job.

  4. Thank you, Lauren! The magic among us is a topic I'd love to talk more about, as St. Augustine connects us in ways that seem uncommon to me, if not almost unimagined in other places. The city where we live may be large, as the poet said, but the circles are small, small, small.


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